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    Congratulations to a wonderful, committed and dedicated TEAM who have been there and provided their best from the very beginning. My mom would say the same about the TEAM because she was there at the beginning as well but is now in Heaven now. I thank you TEAM and hope you remain for a very long time because you have offered so much to so many in so many ways. Your appreciated and loved. Thank you Kendall Oliver for making this all possible!

Millard Thacker


Beautiful community with genuine, caring staff. Residents are happy and well cared for. I am very impressed with this community, it is always a pleasure to visit!

Nicole Cook

 Cambridge Hills has been an answer to prayer for our family. Our Mom had faced physical challenges that required someone to be with her at all times. We did home care for nine and a half months. We could no longer find quality care or give the daily oversight to make homecare work.  Cambridge Hills gave our Mom a home environment that is spacious, clean, well decorated. The services from resident care, food service, house keeping, activities, and transportation all go above and beyond to minister to residents needs. The staff has shown great love and care for our Mom. They are vigilant on checking in on their residents. I have spent the night with Mom and the staff came in about four times during the night to check on Mom while she sleeps.
  I have been impressed with how the staff addresses the medical needs of the residents. Yes, our Mom has been to the emergency room since her arrival there and the staff picked up on a bladder infection early on, taking a specimen to her Dr. and getting an antibiotic for her. I appreciate all that Denise Clark and Amy Fox do as nurses to stay on top of the medical changes and treatments for the residents. Amy, also works closely with the medical technicians to make sure medication orders are understood and carried out.
  This is a unique place. It has allowed our Mom her desire to stay in Roxboro and live out her days in the place and with the people that have always held her heart.
Thank you to the staff/family of Cambridge. You are making a difference for our Mom and for our family.

With gratefulness,
Rachel Moffett

“…During Mom’s five month stay at Cambridge Hills, we felt a great burden lifted from our shoulders. We knew that she was safe, that her medication was always administered in a timely fashion, she was watched after, loved and even pampered.”    – Carole


“In our hearts we wish that she could be at home but we realize that is not possible. It makes our family happy that there is a place as nice as Cambridge Hills and we are proud to tell our friends and others that our Mother lives there. Our family considers it a blessing that Cambridge Hills offers our Mom the care, attention, and the ‘at home’ atmosphere that she needs and has accepted. The facility provides the beauty and the staff provides the hospitality that makes Cambridge Hills a ‘home away from home’ for our Mom.”     –  Millard


“I think we all want the very best for our parents. I wanted my Mom to have the very best care she could get and to be with people that would love and take good care of her. I couldn’t bear the thought of having her being mistreated or abused or in a place that was run down, and not kept up. I found the care she needed at Cambridge Hills Assisted Living and the best of people to help look after her during her stay.”   –  Edith

When mama was ready to be released from a skilled facility I looked at the different assisted living ones closer to her home in Bladenboro. I worked in a nursing/rest home facility and I knew a lot to look for other than it being a pretty place. The last one DFS was in the building unexpectedly and apparently things weren’t going to good. I went and told mama what I had seen and that I would not want my family member in any them. I asked if she would consider coming to Roxboro if there was a place there that she would like. I called and made an appointment to visit. I went back to Fayetteville and told mama and then brought her up to see for herself. The rest is history. Every member of the staff have gone over and beyond their duty of taking care of mama’s cares and needs and for that we are truely grateful.

BY: LuAnn Carroll

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