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7 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors


7 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Natural Disasters are Happening

May/June Newsletter 2018

4 Stars

Cambridge Hills Assisted Living was awarded the highest star rating again in 2016. The State comes into Assisted Living buildings and completes a review and gives a number score and a star rating…in to each facility. There are typically 2 reviewers that come and they can stay anywhere from 1-4 days…looking at every department and […]

Five Reasons Pets Lead to Healthier and Happier Lives

Here are a few reasons why pets can lead to longer as well as healthier and happier lives: 1. Get up and get out. As you age, you risk slipping into a sedentary lifestyle and social isolation. But a cat pawing at your face or a dog barking for a walk is great motivation to […]

Why Move to a Retirement Community

Why Would You Want to Move to an Assisted Living or Independent Living Community? It’s hard to think about leaving your home. But believe it or not, most people who make the decision to move to a retirement community end up being really glad they did! Here are just a few of the reasons residents […]

How to Live a Longer Life

  The average U.S. life expectancy is 78 years; however, the human body has the capacity to live to the ripe old age of 90 or older. With only about 10 percent of longevity dictated by genes, it seems that there’s probably something we could be doing to retain those dozen or more years of […]

Difference between Mental Illnesses and Dementia

Mental Activity and Socialization

Who Benefits From Music Therapy?

Who Benefits From Music Therapy? The short answer is, everyone. But to narrow it down, some of the people most targeted by music therapy have the following: • Depression: Seniors with depression who use music therapy were more likely to see a decrease in their symptoms, as compared with those who didn’t. • Autism: Although […]

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