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4 Stars

Cambridge Hills Assisted Living was awarded the highest star rating again in 2016. The State comes into Assisted Living buildings and completes a review and gives a number score and a star rating…in to each facility.
There are typically 2 reviewers that come and they can stay anywhere from 1-4 days…looking at every department and talking to residents and staff and families as well…watching meals served and reviewing charts and other information….
Our score this year was 105 and star rating was 4 stars… We were deficiency free on this visit and because we have a Quality Assurance Plan in place we received Extra points over the 100.
I am very proud of our staff and our score. We also received a score over 100 on the last visit as well.
The staff here at Cambridge Hills works very hard to keep residents happy and make this as much like home to them as possible!

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